“INFLOT GEORGIA” LTD renders agency, forwarding, logistic, as well as other variety of services of Batumi Port agency.

The main points of what our company does: Ship Agency Service – Performance of certain operations (charging discharging cargo, etc.) is needed to ensure a sea vessel entering to the port under usual operational circumstances. Along with it, when calling a vessel to the port, one will probably need some auxiliary operations, services, and also taking care of every single possible formalities, calculations and payments. Part of these operations demands on well known preliminary preparation even before a vessel arrival and its departure.

Also: Constantly updated and full information covering all ports, passenger and cargo terminals (depths, the capacities, processed cargoes, etc.); Round the clock control of a course of cargo operations; Full and timely reports on vessel processing; Coordination and preparation of shipping documents, statement of facts. Customs registration and delivery of spare parts and supply to a vessel arrived from abroad though transit. Berth booking for passenger, cruise and naval ships as well as private yachts; Information about current VISA regime in Georgia for foreigners, and assistance in obtaining VISA. Crew changing, tickets and hotels booking. Immigrations and customs formalities; Bunkering and fresh water supply. Technical, nautical and medical supply and services. Seamen medical care. Vessels inspection and cargoes survey and tally. Sea protests registration Cash delivery for captain and salaries for the crew. Any other services which a ship or a ship owner might required. CARGO FORWARDING AND LOGISTIC. Our organization is one of those, which are capable to carry out a complex forwarding of dry and bulk cargoes the producer warehouses to the recipient warehouses and also direct transfer of petroleum and liquid cargoes from a vessel tanks or vice versa. Our company owns special automotive equipment, in particular: – Volume dump trucks for grain cargo transportation – Pump park for liquid cargoes transfer, including high viscosity petroleum products and vegetable oils; – Multi purpose boat (600 h.p.)


CUSTOMS REGISTRATION OF CARGOES When transporting cargoes or goods from one country to another, these goods have to pass customs control. For not letting this procedure take much time, the cargo owner (the buyer, the seller or the carrier) addresses to services of the customs broker. “Transflot Georgia” has been experienced in direct transfer of oil products and other bulk cargoes to the dry cargo terminal of Batumi port. And also, in a type of specifics of processing and customs registration of the liquefied gases (technical butane, fraction butane, propylene, etc.) our company exclusively serves the above stated cargoes. Our organization would be glad to offer you our assistance and represent your company in the city of Batumi and region in general. We hope our cooperation will be effective.